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I did some research and decided to ask some of my single friends for tips and they asked some of their single, here's what I found out. If you know something about dating in Huntsville that I don't, please drop me a line at Jean Brandau and tell me about it.Please note that I'm not endorsing anyone or anything. See Next Page for a Man's Thoughts on Dating Internet Dating on Page 2See Page 3 for Places in Huntsville to Meet Singles More Articles Thoughts on Dating in Huntsville From a Man's Point of View: Dating on the Internet I did a story a few years ago about one Huntsville lady who used AOL's personals to find some dates.Like most other dating sites, it features picture-based, user-defined profiles, and a series of tests to try to match you to other people that would fit your wants and needs.

Here's just a few places you might try online: OK, Cupid Comment from a user: For the younger crowd, the site at OK, Cupid seems to blend in a huge chunk of sardonic humor with their matching, which is done through a quest-matching database with the novel approach of building up based on questions submitted by users.Comment from User: Here in Huntsville, I know that there's a significant Live Journalpresence in at least a couple of interests.A few of them, like and are for the announcement of local events, shows, and other things that might be of interest to the youth trapped in this town (where there will almost certainly be single people).So, I believe in loving one another,family, friends, God's Word, and His son died on the cross so we as His children can be forgiven of our sins and have eternal life. I've played the violin for 14 years and I play just a Little bit of guitar. Clean, good sense of humor and with her eyes looking up and ready.And I believe that having a those things in life can build-up a strong relationship with the on having a happy, long, life. I'm a vet-tech and I also work at a sporting store. He's done so much in my life and I'm very grateful. I am a very down to earth person fun loving and affectionate with a great sense of humor. I am a down to earth man who love doing down to earth things, I LOVE to cook walk in the park read and talk.

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