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Sometimes, this comes about when the character will start using an accent for some reason or another.If the character knows what sort of accent they are going for then often it will sound nothing like it's supposed to.Not to be confused with Not Even Bothering with the Accent where a character is supposed to be from Country Y but sounds just like the rest of the cast.May overlap with Just a Stupid Accent or As Long as It Sounds Foreign.In the meantime, Kress deals with growing discord with his wife (Helen Shaver) over financial troubles and his obsession with work and the stress of concealing the stolen Martian lifeforms from his former supervisors at the government lab.

And multiple times actors will speak with their natural accents and become the standard to compare to all other accents.

May also overlap with Unexplained Accent if there's no in or out-of-universe reason the character should talk like this.

This page is a list of the episodes of The Outer Limits, a 1995 science fiction/dark fantasy television series.

For instance think of Paul Hogan of , when most Australians have accents more refined than that.

Or Sean Connery, whose Scottish accent is unique only to him.

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