Chineese dating customs

And, finally, he planned my birthday evening for me, and gave me some gifts — that was the evening we finally kissed, and I finally knew we were dating.

But, in all three cases, we didn’t really discuss love and dating directly.

My first Chinese boyfriend kept me guessing for a while.

We spent over a month together in this “dating limbo”.

Then he kissed me at my apartment, and I knew we were together.

In my experience, it usually took at least a month or more of spending time with a Chinese man before we progressed into dating.

We took late evening walks, our shoulders dangerously close, and he would say things like “I love the color of your eyes” or “I think foreign women are beautiful.” He would also inquire about what I was doing at certain times, or, if we were together, what I would be doing next — and then casually suggest we do something.

But it wasn’t until we were crossing the street one day (to escape a beggar running after me) that we finally locked hands together — hands that didn’t part after crossing.

But in China, those intentions or feelings may not be spoken, because of the culture.

We also are more likely to see a hug or kiss as something more casual, compared to the Chinese — so when they happen with a Chinese, they usually mean more.

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