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It’s estimated that Monsanto seeds now account for 90 percent of the U. production of soybeans, which are used in food products beyond counting. That takes the place of labor-intensive weed control and plowing. After Monsanto’s investigator confronted Gary Rinehart, Monsanto filed a federal lawsuit alleging that Rinehart “knowingly, intentionally, and willfully” planted seeds “in violation of Monsanto’s patent rights.” The company’s complaint made it sound as if Monsanto had Rinehart dead to rights: During the 2002 growing season, Investigator Jeffery Moore, through surveillance of Mr.

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Tatăl Emei şi mama lui Alex au murit într-un accident de maşină, iar cei doi, ajunşi între timp adulţi, au devenit peste noapte moştenitorii aceleiaşi case.