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In a demonstration video, Millan explains that the speaker - in this case, the Amazon Echo was used - should be placed in a location where the dog feels comfortable and can get familiar with it.According to a demonstration video by Millan, having to be away from our dogs can be a stressful situation, joined by guilt and shame for having to be away from our pets for long periods of time, for example when going to work'Over time, the echo will become a reassuring sight for your dog, letting them know they can relax.' Setting the volume correctly is also important.Locatelli also introduces a Flintstonian vision when he alludes to specially-devised labor saving machines to which Roman bakers yoked “animals,” presumably donkeys…or knowing the Romans and their class system, slaves. Here is a conversion chart for those unfamiliar with metric measurements.INGREDIENTS 400g biga acida (sourdough) 12g yeast 18g gluten 24g salt 532g water 405g spelt flour 405g wholemeal flour Melt the yeast into the water and add it into the biga.Make some cuts on top before cooking to help the bread rise in the oven and cook for 30–45 minutes at 200 degrees.

Participants were provided with Amazon Echo's, instructions for playing the audiobooks on the Amazon echo, and survey questions to be filled out every day.

Participants were asked to test four different factors: Narration type (for example, male versus female and variation of accent), volume, time of day, and genre type.

Participants were asked to observe their dog's behavior when the owner's left the house, and for at least one hour after they returned home.

Mix and sieve the flours together with the gluten and add to the water mix.

Mix for two minutes, add the salt and keep mixing for another three minutes.

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Eighty-three years later, the British Museum invited London chef Giorgio Locatelli, above, to take a stab at creating an edible facsimile for its Pompeii Live exhibition.

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