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So the officially confirmed fact is there really was a Spanish model invited for naked scenes so video was produced in a way to make public believe like they were the same woman.

But as me like George's true baby am also Real Life Victory as Nonviolent Victory there were Russisn and Chinese threats if nuclear war also just for a purpose to make appear exactly an Asian person as an official and especially stable George's life partner.

Brooke being still rather naive 19 years virgin as sheltered girl believed he was a very gentle person who respected her as she wrote in her memoire.

So the split happened at Gracy Jones party after Boy George was mocking on a couple about the rumor.

For its time "I Want Your Sex" was "bound to create controversy" as it was released in the middle of the AIDS crisis.

A bit compressed and soft sounding on the drum hits, more so than on the "Beverly Hills Cop II" soundtrack, which was its debut CD appearance.

I'm a gentle lover with a heart of gold But baby you've been so unkind..Come on I want your sex Come on, I want your sex That's right, all night Oh, I want your sex I want your..Sexy baby's (Sexy baby's) Sexy body (Sexy body) Keeps me guessing (Keeps me guessing) With a promise (Oh) I know we can come together But the question is Will we ever?

Also got to say that meaning of this song was completely perverted by medias at the time and reactions were truly exagerated just because it was never about occasional sex but about sex in a stable relationship.Brooke told wore a blouse George liked a lot and were talking a lot about fashion during that dinner.I would like to remain as Real Life Victory am engaged in Saint George's story as that Victory who in original legend brought a Greek hero to a source of water as a source of life.A kind of reference for that you'll find in "Pretty woman" (1990) story when Edwards car is actually blocked or burried by exactly Chinese.As well "Pretty woman" story despite representing George's fantasy as mine too about being a father figure for me also remains a lot about that dating with Brooke Shields on Chicago hotel roof in 1985.

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