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This must be approved by the Iowa DHS Director or designee (following the patient’s initial request and subsequent approval by the Treatment Team) and shall only occur when therapeutically appropriate.If a patient is notified or aware of external appointments of any kind, that patient may be restricted to legal telephone calls only until the appointment has been completed.Treatment is based on the current best practice of Risk-Need-Responsivity Model (RNR) that is based on the principles of: In addition each patient receives an annual evaluation completed and submitted to the court; each patient receives an individual Master Treatment Plan that is updated annually, as well as, Action Plans, which are completed every 90 days to assess treatment progress.Patients’ participation and treatment engagement are also assessed after each group/individual therapy session, and through periodic risk assessments.There are no restrictions regarding calls to legal counsel.Patients can request permission to have telephone contact with a victim, registered sex offender, individual civilly committed as a sexually violent predator, or current inmate.Time limits may be imposed based on unit usage and/or patient specific issues.

Web site visitors are encouraged to contact the Waukee Police Department's at 515-978-7979 for more information related to the sex offender residency restriction.Patients should be aware and should notify all individuals or entities they are calling that staff may monitor any telephone call except calls to/from the following: officers of federal, state, or municipal courts, any federal or state official/legislator, clerks of court, officials from the Iowa DHS, attorneys, ICRC, and/or the Iowa Office of Ombudsman.Patients are asked to be courteous and not tie up the telephone for extended periods of time if other patients wish to make telephone calls.Currently, all patients are male with ages ranging from 22 to 74 years of age. The average patient had one (1) or more chronic medical conditions and was on several prescribed medications.The program's average census is fluid; however there were 114 individuals in the program as of June, 30 2017.

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