Radioactive carbon dating worksheet

B.1 Research and evaluate science careers using the following criteria: educational requirements salary availability of jobs working conditions Daily Openers: Openers Power Points: Introduction to Biology PPT WKSHT Characteristics of Life CHARACTERISTICS PPT WKSHT Lab Safety SAFETY PPT WKSHT Handout: MRS NERG Scientific Method Laws, Theories, & Hypotheses WORKSHEETS: Characteristics of Life Science of Life Chapter Wksht Safety Worksheet Microscope Coloring Graphing Skills Sponge Bob Science Variables Variables Practice Introduction to Biology Crossword Safety & Equipment Crossword Intro to Life Review LABS: DEMO – Sewer Lice Metric Measurement lab Homeostasis of the Eye Identifying Controls & variables Get the Picture!Sponge Bob Safety Rules Volume of an Irregularly shaped Object Science of Popcorn Dirty Diapers Growing Gators PROJECT/LABS: Careers in Biology Biology Brochure Careers Vitruvian Man Problem Solving – Construct 5 Squares Practice Quiz: Introduction to Biology Stan MC.1.Nature of Science Standard 10: Students shall demonstrate an understanding that science is a way of knowing.Standard 11: Students shall design and safely conduct scientific inquiry.(Hands-on) Identifying Unknowns with Cabbage Indicator Paper Natural p H Acid-Base Indicators Games: Chemistry Jeopardy Matter, Energy …Jeopardy Quiz: Chemistry Quiz Daily Openers: Openers Power Points: Biochemistry of cells Biochemistry ppt Q’s Enzymes ENZYME PPT WKSHT Macromolecules Carbohydrates Lipids Proteins Nucleic Acids Worksheets: Biochemistry Biochemistry Vocabulary Elements & Macromolecules Coloring Worksheet Biochemistry Review Biochemistry puzzle Macromolecular Chart Games: Biochemistry Jeopardy Labs: Fast Food Lab Organic Model Nucleotide Model Constructing Monomers Quiz: Biochemistry Quiz MC.2.B.1 Construct a hierarchy of life from cells to ecosystems. B.2 Compare and contrast prokaryotes and eukaryotes. B.3 Describe the role of sub-cellular structures (organelles, ribosomes, & cytoskeleton) in the life of a cell. B.4 Relate the function of the plasma (cell) membrane to its structure. B.5 Compare and contrast the structures of an animal cell to a plant cell. B.11 Discuss homeostasis using thermoregulation as an example. B.1 Compare and contrast the structure and function of mitochondria and chloroplasts .

B.4 Gather and analyze data using appropriate summary statistic NS.11.

B.8 Describe the main events in the cell cycle (mitosis, interphase, & cytokinesis), including the differences in plant and animal cell division. B.9 List in order and describe the stages of mitosis (prophase, metaphase, anaphase, & telophase). B.10 Analyze the meiotic maintenance of a constant chromosome number from one generation to the next. B.8 Compare and contrast life cycles (sexual & asexual) of familiar organisms. B.4 Examine different modes of inheritance such as crossing over.

Daily Openers: Openers Power Points: Cell Reproduction Cell Reproduction ppt Q’s Mitosis & Meiosis Mitosis & Meiosis ppt Q’s Meiosis Meiosis ppt Q’s Worksheets: Cell Division Cell Cycle & Mitosis Coloring Cell Reproduction Vocabulary Cell Reproduction puzzle Cell Reproduction Review Concept Map Cell Division Games: Cell Division Jeopardy Mitosis & Meiosis Jeopardy Lab: Stages of Mitosis (onion root tip) Lab Mitosis Flip Book Mitosis Flip Book Flipbook Cell Templates Meiosis Flip Book Quizzes: Cell Reproduction Quiz HE.4.

B.3 Distinguish between a scientific theory and the term “theory” used in general conversation NS.10.

B.4 Summarize the guidelines of science: explanations are based on observations, evidence, and testing hypotheses must be testable understandings and/or conclusions may change with additional empirical data NS.11.

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