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Not wanting to lose her again Shi-de returns to Taiwan and vows to find her, but when he finds her and finds out her illness was a lie he felt cheated and unleashes his wrath on Yi-ru making her life miserable because he thinks she had tricked him into dropping his lawsuit against the company she works for.He gives her the advertising account for his company to use as a way to bully her.

Lan Shi-de is a tall, handsome and successful young man who manages his family bathroom fixture business, but he is also cold, impatient and hot tempered who hates being deceived because he was betrayed by former employees in the past.

Unbeknown to her is that they had actually met in college and that he has been in love with her all these years.

Shi-de decides to put his business trip on hold and stay by Yi-ru’s side.

Her boss and family con her into taking an actual vacation during her work break by faking her medical exam saying she has cancer and only 6 months to live.

They pack her off on a trip to sunny Boracay, Philippines telling her to take some time to relax.

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Yang Yi Ru is a workaholic who never had time to take a break.

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