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Played by: Lynn Clark Appears in The Stake Out & The Stock Tip (thanks to pebbleangst for identifying ) Jerry meets Vanessa while attending a dinner party with Elaine.

Jerry learns that she works at a Law Firm called ‘Simon, Bennett, Robbins, Oppenheim and Taft’, and decides to stake out her office to ask her out.

And we've seen a beloved actor parody themselves by playing the flanderized version of themselves or their most well-known character for laughs.When she comes to stay at Jerry’s, he is surprised to learn that she’s engaged after her fiance calls her at Jerry’s apartment.Unfortunately for Jerry, he agreed to take a 4 hour boat ride around Manhattan with her before learning about her fiance.The comedian teased Adelaide with some light hearted ribbing during his stand up show last Saturday. You know how many years I've been wanting to come to Adelaide? I've never wanted to come to Adelaide,' Jerry told a sold-out audience, before adding: 'And yet I'm thrilled to be here.'It comes after Jerry famously referred to Melbourne as 'the anus of the world' during a 1998 visit to Australia.Comedian Jerry Seinfeld rejected Kesha's request for a hug THREE times during an awkward red carpet exchange last week, in a video which has since gone viral.

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In some cases, their careers were reborn, Played by: Pamela Brull Appears in The Seinfeld Chronicles Laura calls Jerry to ask if she can stay with him while she is visiting New York.

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