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Someone had told his estranged wife we already were, but we didn’t know who.Steve started working more, and things began to get back to normal.While at work he would look out for me by removing drunk passenger’s from my car if he didn’t think I would be able to deal with them, and was just generally my all round protector.I knew that our feelings for each other were growing stronger.I would have to end my, very unhappy marriage, and try to escape it to be free.Steve was the first person to feel the baby I was carrying move in my belly, everyone assumed it was his, and that we were already seeing each other.I figured I would tell him everything about my marriage then, and how scared I was of my husband. I got out of the car to say goodnight and he hugged me like he never wanted to let me go.I saw the realization on Kathy’s face, she knew what was coming, and she knew why.

He had pretty much separated from his wife so began dating her.

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He was desperately trying to extract himself from Kathy’s grasp but she kept telling him she would fall apart if he left.

He struggled with the guilt, and his ever increasing feelings for me.

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