Single solingen

Here’s a nicely worn vertical SS dagger hanger, well preserved and with plenty of character.

We see a lot of these with nickel plated clasps that have worn away to the underlying base metal, so it is really nice to see one in solid nickel...

We have here a nice late-war RZM SS Dagger by maker code 941/39, which is attributed to Carl Eickhorn.

The grip on this SS Dagger is a nice deep black tone with several surface dings and scratches that only add to its character.

The German SS Dagger was a standard accessory issued to all members of the elite and greatly-feared SS which functioned as Hitler’s personal bodyguard unit.

The design of the SS daggers is quite striking and incorporates several examples of Nazi symbolism.

This WW2 German SS dagger may have seen better days, but its still a rare find with its Partial Rohm inscription AND numbered cross guard.

As with many SS daggers in circulation, there is one small chunk missing at the rear of the grip where it meets the top crossguard, and the start of another chip on the front to the left of the SS roundel... The RZM 120/34 SS Dagger is one of the more desirable and collectible RZM SS Daggers.

Early quality throughout, using solid nickel guards and scabbard fittings, and a very attractive early style grip...

Their design was based in part upon the German SA Daggers.

Some of the prominent design features of all SS daggers include the distinctive SS symbol located at the top of the knife grip, the Nazi eagle holding a wreath containing the Nazi swastika in its talons, and the ebony wood grip which was typically dyed black (in later years oak was often used in place of ebony).

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These are two rare elements in and of themselves, seldom encountered together on the same dagger.

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