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Well, I have just had an amazing event happen in my pomegranate orchard.

A few years ago I purchased 50 plants from a Nursery on the coast here in New South Wales, Australia. Sweet, soft, and almost no hardness to the seed inside. All the other trees produced fruit typical to pomegranates.

First, the objects have to identified, they are tagged and sent to the recycling machine.

The machine reads the tag and validates it, takes the tag off, unfolds the origami object, and sends it into shredder. Each one has to know its job, know the process, and follow it faithfully; plus, a foreman has to supervise the work.

My personal view is that this is indeed a positive mutation. All this could happen because of variability of expressing the genes, nothing to do with “ mutations”.

These intricate machines help keep the immune system functioning and are ever-present to respond to stress.Many sports have undergone this test and passed, as I suspect this one would.This plant protection cannot happen unless there is new information in that plant.This is a hard one for my friends the evolutionist, Think of a city's recycling program.Let's say the project wants to shred origami objects to reuse the paper.

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