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The default Time To Live (TTL) value used for dynamic registrations is 20 minutes.

You can use the following registry subkey to modify the TTL value: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\Current Control Set\Services\Tcpip\Parameters\Default Registration TTL . Scavenging Refresh and No Refresh settings must be equal to or less than the lease period.

To configure DHCP Option 081, you must look at the DHCP server properties, under the DNS Tab in DHCP properties. After configuring the above provedure, the credentials and Dns Update Proxy group configuratuion will not update current or delete duplicate records. DHCP will give that duplicate named client an IP, but it will not register it into DNS.

Despite it being a DHCP Option, it’s not found in a DHCP server, scope or class option. You must delete them manually to allow DHCP to take care of all new records moving forward. Quoted from the following link: “Name squatting occurs when a non-Windows-based computer registers in Domain Name System (DNS) with a name that is already registered to a computer running a Windows® operating system.

This is because the client will not update itself due to the current record in DNS is beyond the lease period.

Adding a TXT record for SPF should help prevent email spam. If you currently have a SPF record, add the Office 365 details to that record. Click 'manage' next to the domain that you would like to add the SPF record to. Scroll to the TXT records section and add a new record with the SPF values. Under the Text section, enter (without a full stop). This guide will show you how to add two SRV records for Office 365. Next, click on the 'view/manage your domains' section in the control panel.

For domain controllers, due to the importance of keeping up to date and accurate SRV and other records, the Netlogon service will attempt to update these records every 60 minutes.

By default, on a computer that is running Windows XP/2003 or newer, the Default Registration Refresh Interval key value controls this (except Windows 2000, whichdoes not have this key but can be added), and is set by default to 1 day.

This guide will show you how to add TXT, MX, CNAME, SPF and SRV records for your Office 365 services. Once this has loaded, click 'manage' next to the domain in question. In the text box (you can leave the sub domain section empty), type in your 'destination' or 'points to address' value. If you don't know how to find this information, this link should help: Office 365 text record link.

Once you have logged in, click on 'View / manage your domains'. If you scroll down once this page has loaded, you will find a TXT records section.

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