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Unfortunately this plan didn’t pan out, and a novella was released instead with a selection of images.Another of King’s ‘childhood passed’ stories, is one of the best visualisations of his small town 70s America, utopian and yet haunted by violence.That particular strand of weird that Australia does so well is here fused in a fascinating bundle of arthouse and sci-fi.(1982) When it comes to euro-horror it is very hard to escape the association of sex and death.English director Kevin Connor ( like a Disney film, with picturesque farm locations and a ‘isn’t life grand and simple in the country’ vibe; cannibalism and chainsaw fights with farmers wearing pig heads fits surprisingly well.With a sharp satirical edge, (1974) Acclaim for Italian director/cinematographer Mario Bava has steadily risen in the last 20 years.Halloween is my favourite time of year so October becomes a marathon of horror, discovering new gems and revisiting old favourites.Here are a list of eight films which don’t get enough love, which don’t often feature on recommended lists, but most definitely should. I’m not sure what that says about his marriage, but generally it’s true that feature adaptations written by the man himself turn out better. It was originally intended as a calendar, with each month featuring a short piece narrating the attacks on Tarker’s Mills accompanied by Wrightson’s art.

The necrophiliac desire that underpins such films, and perhaps the cinematic art at times, is laid bare in a hypnotically disturbing scene that collides sex and death as few films have.Every technical element induces dislocation and disorientation as we follow the protagonist on a journey that involves men without shadows and ancient vampires stalking the night.Best viewed in the wee hours of the night, when the silence and darkness of the world can blend with the film, (1980) Rory Calhoun stars as farmer Vincent Smith, co-owner – with his sister Ida (Nancy Parsons) – of the Motel Hello, and purveyor of the finest smoked meats around.A nice level of gore and a werewolf designed by Carlo Rambaldi (designed ) makes for a ghoulish treat that does a fine job of juggling some oddball gallows humour with its darker moments.Great werewolf films are few and far between, and despite (or perhaps because of) its hokier moments this one is well worth your attention.

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All the while Terry Camilleri (Napoleon in ) struts through the chaos as a Special Branch investigator who may or may not out to kill everyone to cover it up.

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